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OUR MISSION IN THE WORLD: To enhance the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy in New Zealand, by empowering them to make their own choices.

“Everybody has ice to break, for those living with Cerebral Palsy, the ice is just thicker.”


- Harvey Brunt, CEO Cerebral Palsy Society New Zealand



The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand is here to help people with Cerebral Palsy by providing a number of practical everyday programmes. Our Programmes and services are designed to assist New Zealanders living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and their families with gaining independence and an enhanced quality of life. The society also offers Grants for it’s members, and provides advice and advocacy on their behalf.


You are not alone and we are here to support you. Click below to find out more about becoming a member and to apply for our programmes and grants. Alternatively, call 0800 503 603 to have a chat to one of our team. Our cp 0800 line hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm for information, advice and support on all aspects of Cerebral Palsy.







“The Review” is an informative magazine published quarterly by the CP Society, and sent free to all members and interested groups.


A great way to keep updated, The Review is full of articles related to the disability sector including services available, new products, personal experiences/points of view and news within the world of Cerebral Palsy in New Zealand.



Amy's PhotoAmy Hogan

Amy is currently a researcher and writer for the Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand. The main focus of her research is living with cerebral palsy as an adult. She completed her double major in Psychology and History. Amy has been an advocate both inside and outside the disability sector for the past 15 years. In this capacity she has been active in a variety of areas, both in the community and professionally: conducting seminars for the medical and educational sector, a government policy advisor, volunteer for Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust, public speaking, guest lecturing, Toast Masters, and working in prisons advising on disability. Her professional interests include: scholar activism, health in social media and effective school transitions. In her free time Amy enjoys reading, film, writing, yoga and harvesting her vegetable garden.



Jordon Thumbnail

Jordon Milroy

Jordon is not a typical, run-of-the-mill 23 year old. While many of his peers are still very much finding their place in the world, Jordon is busy changing his! He has this energy about him that is infectious and a keen sense of humour that allows him to see the positive in every situation. It’s his attitude to life that he’s desperate to share with other young, and not so young, people living with disabilities. It’s fair to say that Jordon’s Sky Tower climb in 2012 changed his life. Not only was the 1029 step climb a massive achievement, but it also helped to spark a fire that has given Jordon a new direction for his personal development – by climbing some of the world’s largest structures.  In early 2013 Jordon had been selected as a Top 10 Semi-Finalist for Young New Zealander of the Year.