The Cerebral Palsy Society’s Mission

‘To enhance the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy in New Zealand’

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Auckland Coffee Clubs

2017 dates for the Auckland Coffee Clubs are now out (There is no Coffee Groups in January and dates maybe earlier in December)

Click Here: to view the dates

Please just turn up to any of the Coffee groups if you are interested. We look forward to seeing you

6:14 PM, 7 April 2017 |

‘Christchurch for Every Body’ Campaign

Accessible spaces celebrated with ‘Christchurch for Every Body’ campaign

Christchurch’s Earthquake Disability Leadership Group has launched a campaign celebrating and promoting some of the most accessible places in the city.

6:30 PM, 25 March 2017 |


'Happy Playland' by The Candle Wasters is an original musical webseries from the makers of web hits ‘Nothing Much To Do’ and ‘Bright Summer Night’. Funding has been provided by NZ On Air’s digital production webseries fund.

Filming will take place in April 2017 in Wellington. Actors need to be Wellington based. We’re looking for actors to play roles in their early 20s.

11:11 AM, 17 March 2017 |

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Max Campbell’s Unsung Hero

Chad Campbell‘s Unsung Hero is my brother Max

Max is my inspiration, motivator, mentor, friend and brother and when I need extra support through tough times, he is always there for me 100%. I am very lonely because I have to do my schoolwork at home so Max takes me out so as I can learn to socialise.

4:25 PM, 24 March 2017 |

Taxi Charge Scheme

Taxi Charge Scheme (in place of gOT vouchers)

For some of our members we have changed to the taxi charge card instead of vouchers to pay for taxis. Treat it like a credit card, keep it safe, and ask for a receipt so that you can keep track of the balance remaining on the card. Keep it with you, as it will be topped up/recharged again at the expiry 30-6-2017, provided your membership remains current, and your TM Card/ TM vouchers are still valid.

4:20 PM, 10 January 2017 |

Best Wishes

The office will be close from noon Friday 23rd December 2016 reopening on Monday 9th January 2017.

For urgent matters please phone or text Michael Northcott on 021 0205-6677 between these times.

7:24 PM, 21 December 2016 |


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April 2017

In this April issue, we learned about Jordon’s recent trip to New York where he climbed the Empire State Building. Also, we have an article about how we all need more help as we age on page 13. …… as well other interesting stories from our members.

Click Here: to read and download the April 2017 issue of the Review.

Thank you from the CP Society to The Trusts Community Foundation whose generosity made this issue of the review possible.

6:57 PM, 9 April 2017 |