GobabyGo New Zealand

GoBabyGo adapts electric ride-in toy cars (currently BMWs) to be used by children with impaired mobility.

The age-appropriate devices encourage interaction with siblings and friends, deliver therapy benefits, and help children develop spatial awareness and related skills in a way that’s impossible when they are not independently mobile.

www.gobabygo.org.nz will tell you more about GoBabyGo, its background and how to apply.

GoBabyGo have given cars to nearly 50 children- many of whom have cerebral Palsy.

The plan is to build cars for children in

  • Auckland in April
  • Hawkes Bay in May
  • Taranaki and Christchurch in June
  • Wellington in July
  • Invercargill on August 6 th
  • Tauranga in September
  • Auckland in October.

If you are interested in one of these amazing cars or have any questions, please let us know. gilli@cpsociety.org.nz