Life Member Passes Away

The Society has just received the sad news that Christine Williamson, one of the Cerebral Palsy Society Life Members had passed away on the 7 th of November. Christine was a passionate committee member for many years usually filling the secretary/treasurer role. The earliest recordings of her committee involvement was back in 1984 when Aussie Malcolm was President, Anne Young Vice President and Jocelyn Burgess Secretary /Treasurer.She was elected president in 1991 where she played a significant role in establishing Conductive Education. As President, Christine reported that there were 400 financial members of the society and the staff was now considered to be authorities on the matter of helping those with a disability to move from institutions and to develop successful lives in the wider community. However a more hotly contested debate brewed over concerns on the best fit for Conductive Education.

The Society’s executive set about laying down a foundation for an Auckland Centre for Conductive Education but it wasn’t established without initial strong opposition. Chairperson Christine Williamson held together a very feisty special meeting on 16 th April 1992.

At this stage Conductive Education was available at the Wilson Home. However the main thrust was that parents was still sending their kids to Hungary for the treatment which was a very expensive exercise. As it was beyond the reach of most parents the Society was starting to talk about bringing the conductors here. Christine played her part in welcoming overseas conductors to New Zealand.

Thanks for your contribution Christine. It is very much appreciated.

Ross Flood