A Sensory Journey To Explore

Mapura Studios (formerly known as Spark Centre) is offering an exciting new sensory journey at Henderson’s Corbans Estate Centre. The programme which starts this Thursday (15 th October) and finishes on 17 th December offers a comprehensive musical experience for people with disabilities. This 10 week programme goes beyond producing your own unique sounds, as it also teaches such skills as how to produce a CD, how to take the best promo photos and how to create videos of your finished product. The sessions also includes how to create on line sales. Other arts forms are included during the ten weeks including designing covers, posters and photography, as well as some dance and movement.

All ages and disabilities welcome. People in wheelchairs are helped by art facilitators and support workers.

The programme “uses the traditional building blocks of music such as voice, soul,instinct, melody, repetition and variation expressed with simple instruments such as ukulele, keyboards, drums and percussion. The experience is enhanced and extended with microphones, amplification and looping and echo effects.

The programme will encourage freedom of expression, give a voice to “express complex abstract emotions” help gain social confidence and improve literacy and numeracy skills through learning about marketing and selling CD’s and related products.

This sensory journey takes place at the Corban Estate every Thursday from 12.30 ---2pm. For enquires and enrolments go to info@sparkcentre.org.nz

Ross Flood