Disabled Youth Beehive Invitation

NZ Green MP Mojo Mathers is looking for a disabled youth to be her youth MP. They have to be aged 16-18 on 16 October, 2015 and, most importantly, be passionate about politics, social change and making a difference. Their travel and accommodation costs will be paid for. The closing date for applications to be a Green youth MP is the 21 st of September and candidates can apply on line at www.action.greens.org.nz/youthparliament (Youth Parliament is organised by the Ministry of Youth Development once every three years as a way of giving young people a ‘hands on’ experience and deeper understanding of our parliamentary democracy. Every MP selects a young person to be their youth MP and different parties operate different selection processes. See details on how to contact MP’s of other parties at the end of this article.)

MP Mathers says “This is a great opportunity and we really need more disabled youth involved in politics. I am specifically looking for a young person with a disability as disabled peoples voices are seriously underrepresented in parliament. If they have specific support needs (such as a notetaker) the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) will be able to provide that support. In particular I am looking for someone who has been able to engage with their community or peers, is passionate about social change and willing to advocate for others. They need to put in their application why they want to be a youth MP for me and if they have a referee that would be great. The candidates must be able to seek the views, opinions and ideas of their peers and represent them at Youth Parliament 2016 and be able to attend Youth Parliament and commit to the Youth MP tenure from 25 January to 25 July, 2016.

Last term my youth MP was Dean Buckley, and his experience was covered by Attitude TV.”

If you or you know someone who would be interested in becoming a youth MP, but supports a different political party go to the official website www.parliament.nz and search out the list of current members of Parliament. Click on the member’s name to go to a page that includes the member’s contact details. The MP’s contact list contains contact details at Parliament and also at their out-of-Parliament offices.

At the last Youth Parliament in 2013 numerous topics were debated such as, How can public expectations for social services be balanced against likely rising costs for these services? Are young people taking enough responsibility for reducing and preventing substance abuse or should this be government’s role? Compulsory vs. elective subjects in secondary schools – should subjects like science be compulsory?

As MP Mathers states, this is a great opportunity but the closing date is next Monday so do not delay.