CP Fundraiser Stepping Up

We are delighted to report that our Steptember Fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy in New Zealand is progressing really well. The challenge of doing 10, 000 steps a day for 28 days has been enthusiastically taken by individuals, families and the wider community alike. Entire businesses and schools are taking part and people are coming up with innovative ways to raise funds. It is particularly awesome to see how much effort people are putting in. Napier City Council has entered 30 teams and individuals are sending us great photos of their efforts and fitness logs. Wheelchair users are also involved using different variations of pedometers and online technology (myself included) – steps doesn’t just mean feet.

We are currently at $179,000 and worldwide the total is just under $3 Million. The total is growing all the time. Both the funds and the public awareness this brings will have a tremendous impact on Cerebral Palsy both in NZ and overseas in supporting individuals, their families and wider advocacy goals.

This is our first year participating and we are looking forward to this becoming a regular event that ties in well with the World CP Day Celebrations. Things are very busy at the office and with the Steptember website thank you for your patience when contacting us and please keep up the great work. Stepping, walking or rolling it all counts.

Amy Hogan