Sail(ability) Away

An excellent way to combat the mid winter blues is to focus on a summer orientated activity and there is no better way to spend a kiwi summers day, then to go sailing on the harbour.

Sailability is now established in many North Island centre’s and has programmes and training sessions throughout the year. Sailability Wellington is a great example of what’s available. Its sailing sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Seaview, Fridays and Sundays in Evans Bay. More sailing opportunities occur in special events which are mainly held overthe summer. Such events are highlighted to our sailors by phone and e-mail.

As it says on their website “On a sailing day there will be a crew of helpers available on site. This crew consists of a coach, a boson and volunteers and will not only help sailors in and out of boats but will teach and assist with sailing itself. For those of our sailors needing assistance in the boat with them, we will have an experienced sailor there to help.”

Sailability Auckland: Has been going since 1991 and they encourage people to sign up by saying “we have sailing programmes suitable for almost anyone regardless of the level of their disability or sailing skills. The yachts we use for our programmes have many safety features including weighted centre boards / keels ensuring the boats are virtually impossible to capsize.”

This year Sailability Auckland opened its new satellite branch at Whangaparaoa.

Sailability Whangaparaoa: Will now be run out of the Fairway Bay Marina on Saturdays from 10 am, weather permitting.

Other venues are

Sailability Whangarei: Which operates mainly out of the Whangarei Cruising Club at Riverside and Parua Bay who have very generously made their premises and equipment available for use. Trained instructors will be available as time permits.

Sailability Whanganui: A hoist is available for wheelchair users to get in and out of boats, if required.

Sessions are to be held at Pauri Lake.

Taranaki: Sessions: To be held from the Waitara Boating Club, 1 West Beach.

There is ample opportunity here to embrace a new sport and learn some new skills.

For first contact its best to go to Auckland or Wellington who will redirect you to the other centres. Website addresses below