Michael J Rocks The Place

Colson Cherrington and Dillan Govind were the well deserved winners of the Michael Jackson look-a-like contest at the Society’s Mid-Winter lunch, held at Eden Park, last Saturday- 10 th May.

The black and white themed night conjured up images of Michael J himself and lo and behold he - or was that she? – appeared to entertain us all. Events manager Janet Chapman sure has her contacts!

With MJ taking the lead, the place rocked to iconic songs. At the end of MJ’s performance the stage was swamped with members swaying to the beat.

We were all privileged to also be entertained by the band “Blacktop Blur” from Tauranga. Band members Adrian, Joyce and daughter April sang one evergreen number after another. Young April gave us a couple of lively solos.

As per usual the food was delicious. A personal favourite was the crackling. Dessert was great to with a variety of hot pudding and cool creamy offerings.

It was really great to see so many members getting into the mood of the evening and going to the trouble of dressing to the theme.

There was a tinge of sadness to the evening as it was Harvey Brunt’s last big event as General Manager. Harvey has lead us on a wonderful adventure these last seven years and he will most certainly be missed when he retires, mid - year.

As the reader will see, when viewing the video clip, a wonderful time was had by all.

Ross Flood