Participants Sought 12 years plus

For the last few years, students at Auckland University have worked with the CP Society and our members to design, develop and promote accessible equipment. Most recently, engineering students built new Boccia ramps and designed a prototype for a new style of walker that is more transportable and durable on different surfaces.

One of the most interesting areas for further study is Accessible Technology. A number of students are looking at how people with CP are utilising computers and tablets. Specifically, is there a notable difference in both small and large processes, such as moving the mouse or accessing the command keys? The ultimate goal of these collective studies is to design computer interfaces that are more accessible to people with complex motor conditions such as CP. These include individuals who may not benefit from the standard Universal Design packages e.g. making folder icons bigger or moving at a slower speed.

One of the current projects is recruiting participants. The Auckland based study is looking at hand movement when recording a digital tracking project (use of a touch screen). The purpose of this study is to measure differences in processing speed and how tasks are performed if movements are restricted.

Below is a flyer with the additional information and contact details as well as a brief video demonstrating the task.

Amy Hogan

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