Farewell Michael Yeatman

Sadly, Margaret McKeown has just informed the Society that her nephew and long time CP member Michael Yeatman passed away last Monday, aged 50. Michael was a very popular member of the Society, especially with the Boccia fraternity.

“It didn’t worry Michael whether he finished first or last. He just always enjoyed playing the sport,” said Margaret.

Michael started playing Boccia as early as 1998 and his enthusiasm sparked off the CP Boccia Holiday Tournament some years later. Early on the tournament was struggling with playing numbers and cancellation was a strong possibility. However Michael had already booked his flight from Christchurch to Auckland so it was decided the “show” must go on. Thanks to Michael’s passion the tournament is still held annually.

Michael also took an interest in rifle shooting and horse riding. A special cart was built for him so that he could be pulled around by the horses.

Another passion of his was travelling and he wasn’t happy that his recently purchased passport had no stamps inside. His spirits were up-lifted when his many friends at the airport came to visit him when he became unwell.

“Visitors were knocking on the door almost every day which cheered up Michael considerably,” said Margaret.

There will be a memorial service for Michael on Saturday 18 th April.

Please keep in touch Margaret. You will always be part of the family.

Ross Flood