A Tribute To Bruce Burgess

When he reached the top of Mt Ruapehu with his great mate mountaineer Graeme Dingle it became headline news. A film was made of the adventure called “All the way up there” which won two awards at film festivals in Canada and Switzerland.

Also with another great mate Eddie Evans, Bruce organised Project BEBE which was two walking relays by disabled participants. One group set out from Cape Reinga and the other group started from Stewart Island. The two groups met up at Government House. The purpose of the relays was to present a document to visiting Prince Charles, on the needs of the disabled.

The Prince and Bruce had already crossed paths during his Ruapehu expedition and when they met again Prince Charles greeted him by saying

“How are you? Haven’t I met you before?”

In 1988 Bruce and his mother - Society’s life member- Jocelyn travelled to the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington, to attend the “Adventure Film Festival,” where his film “All the way up there,” produced by Gaylene Preston, was screened. After completion of the film, Bruce was hoisted up on stage where he was presented with a wooden replica of the pick axe which Sir Ed Hillary took up Mt Everest in 1953.

Rest in Peace, Bruce. We will always value your contribution.

Ross Flood