“Opt In”to employment

Since November 3 rd 2014 Work and Income has been trialling a new programme called “ Opt In which gives extra help to young people on Supported Living Payment, who would like the opportunity to work.

Opt In is a voluntary programme aimed at people aged from 16 to 29 years The volunteers can stop at any time and their Supported Living Payment is not affected by joining or leaving.

The programme is being trailed in 16 centres around New Zealand and these are

If you live in any of these areas you can make an appointment with your case manager to participate in the“ Opt In programme. The case manager will work closely with you on a one to one basis assisting with ideas on training, study or finding a job that will suit. This could include looking at whether any special arrangements or equipment are needed. He or she will help you develop your own ideas. During the interviews you will be asked what other people or agencies you are already working with and/or want to involve. The aim is to work alongside these other agencies and avoid duplicating services.

There are no trial centres in Waikato or Canterbury as these areas are trialling Enabling Good Lives. However people who live outside the trial areas can still be provided with help by contacting their local specialist employment support services, who assist many disabled people and people with health conditions to find suitable work.

If you have any questions regarding this trial, please email Investment_Approach@msd.govt.nz or contact your local Work and Income regional health and disability team.

Ross Flood