Whole Body Vibration Workshop

JUNE 18TH 9:30-16:30 Eastside Studio 522 Parnell Road, Auckland. Bookings essential.

Chad Timmermans, Exercise Physiologist and global leader in Whole Body Vibration for paediatrics, would like to let our CPS members know he is conducting a one day workshop covering theory and practical application in Auckland. The workshops have proven to be useful for parents to learn how to use vibration plates and then do the therapy themselves at home:

Workshop Covers:

• How whole body vibration (WBV) can benefit different neurological conditions.
• When to use WBV in paediatric rehabilitation.
• Vibration and its effect on neurology, motor control, spasticity, hypotonia, balance, and sensory perception.
• Using WBV for massage and reducing spasticity.
• WBV for strength training.
• WBV for walking vs. non-walking children.
• Develop a plan to expand a child’s movement capabilities.
COSTS: $250. per person - JUNE 18TH 9:30-16:30 Eastside Studio 522 Parnell Road, Auckland: Tickets availablethrough- admin@timmermansmethod.com.au