Cure Kids Ambassadors

May is fast approaching and with that is our annual recruitment time looking for ambassadors to join our Cure Kids family .

This year we are looking to recruit in regions we don't have a large presence in. At the moment I'm currently looking for ambassadors in Rotorua , Taupo and surrounding areas.

Our ambassadors are the heart beat of Cure Kids, giving a face and story to the conditions we work so tirelessly to fund research into. They inspire us to do the work we do , as well as others to get behind us and help make a difference.

Ideally these are children aged between 0 to 14 who live with life affecting conditions, who alongside their families are driven to spread awareness and raise funds towards research into child health. They need to be open to sharing their personal journey and to being somewhat in the public eye.

At Cure Kids we fund research into a broad range of childhood illnesses , although we are wanting ambassadors with life affecting conditions we research, I am currently in particularly looking for ambassadors living with Bronchiectasis, Cerebral Palsy and antibiotic resistance.

As a charity we can't provide care and comfort but we do take great care of our families involved with us. They will be invited to events and kept up to date with everything Cure Kids is doing, As well as get to know other ambassador families and be part of a lifelong support network.

Unfortunately I can only have 3 maximum new ambassadors join our Ck family at this time. But do recruit annually so it's worth submitting your interest.

If you are in the Rotorua / Taupo / Tauranga and surrounding areas .

If this sounds like something your family or family you know of may want to be involved with then I would love to hear from you!

Please email

With details of your family , child's health condition, area you live and any other details you feel are important and I will be in contact.