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The Cerebral Palsy Society is very aware of the unique challenges faced by members and their families who are living in earthquake and aftershock prone regions. Unfortunately, New Zealand and in particular, the South Island, is becoming all too experienced in the process of Civil Defence Emergencies and recoveries, not that it makes it any easier.

We wish to extend our support to all our members and their extended families. If we can assist in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the past, we have assisted members to access relevant Government Agencies and to liaise for disability related equipment and Counseling Grants to help members deal with anxiety related to the events.

There are a number of specific wheelchair mobility and communication resources that Civil Defence and Get Thru have compiled and I have put the links below. For example, there are guidelines on how to access the communication relay service and other interpreters within an emergency.

There are also guides to help with re-establishing connections to central services such as hospitals and outpatient services. WINZ also provides a Civil Defence Payment to help cover essential emergency based costs. You don’t have to be receiving existing assistance for this to be made available to you. The Mental Health Foundation has also written several guides for dealing with the psychological pressures of earthquakes and their consequences.

The Cerebral Palsy Community is a great one and I know from first-hand experience and listening to Christchurch members how much we can band together. Equally, if you have advice or tips to share with those effected by the current quakes please let us know.

Amy Hogan

Cerebral Palsy Society Grant - Click Here

WINZ Civil Defence Payment - Click Here

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