Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes For World CP Day Oct 5th 2016

As a way of celebrating World CP Day we asked you to nominate those people in your lives that regularly go beyond your expectations in what they do as a way of saying thank you and acknowledging them.

We were overwhelmed with the quality of the responses and the Hon. Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiega, Associate Minister for Health kindly came and did the prize draw for us.

Please enjoy reading about the lucky winners below who will be receiving their $50 vouchers of their choice and certificates soon. Our Grand Prize winner receives a $200 voucher of their choice.

We will feature some more of these Unsung Hero stories during the coming months.

We are Ally and Mike Fulcher and our Unsung Hero is Kerrie O’Hara – Onehunga, Auckland

Kerrie is the owner/manager of Janet McVeagh Recreation which provides recreational activities such as weekend camps and afterschool programmes for the disabled.

Nothing phases Kerrie, she provides encouragement and support to enable participation in all activities regardless of ability level. She also is a strong proponent of independence for our young people and assists many of them along the road to independent living. She helps them set achievable goals and encourages them every step of the way, never seeming to lose faith.

Kerrie has a huge heart, and is loved by so many. She has built up a high level of confidence with so many families who readily entrust their young, often vulnerable, people to her care. She is adored by her charges and is able to get the best out of them, often to the surprise and delight of family members. Many people believe “Sainthood” is what Kerrie actually deserves!

Kerrie isour personal hero because she supportsour daughter Annie in her developing independence by having Annie "flat" with her during the week. Shecares for Annie so beautifully and gives Annie a quality of lifethatwould beenvied by people of all abilities.

Ally and Mike Fulcher

My name is Sharkaela Paora and my unsung hero is Shaunaye

My little sister is my hero, she has always been there for me, even though I used to take my frustrations out on her She is so tuned into my wellbeing that she has been able to alert my mum that I’m about to have a seizure before it even happens.

She is 16 and studying hard for exams as she wants to go to uni to study science because she has always had an interest in all my surgeries, epilepsy and other health issues. She has always put my needs before hers and always excepted that mum had to spend more time on me than her.

She is awesome, I love her as much as she loves me and I appreciate her more than she will ever know.

Go Shaunaye!

Thank You

Sharkaela Paora

My name is Frieda Crawford and my Unsung Hero is Louis Crawford - Wellington

I would like to nominate my wonderful son, Louis Crawford. Louis is 14 years old and has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Right from the moment he was born, Louis' sunny positivity has shined a light into my life. At this age of 14, he is super independent. I run a very full-on recruitment business, and I rely on Louis heavily to 'step up' and demonstrate his independence every day. He is pro-active in caring for himself, in keeping his environment tidy, in helping me with household chores, including vacumming our house in his wheel chair! Louis drives himself to school in his wheel chair, makes his own lunch, deals with all of his school correspondence, is pro-active in completing his home work on time, and even makes dinner on a regular basis! I am sure that many times he could say 'why me'? Instead, he just gets on with things, and participates fully in his life and in our family. I am very proud of Louis.

Frieda Crawford

My name is Savanah Clark my hero is my mummy Nicola Clark

My hero is my mummy Nicola clark she takes me swimming and to riding my horse at RDA she took me to America to fix my sore legs as well they don't hurt anymore.

Savannah clark (5)

My name is Angela Shardlow My unsung hero is Jocelyn Strange - Tokoroa, Waikato

I, Sarah Hansen, would like to nominate my Husband Craig Hansen.

A few months ago now I was feeling unwell and went to the doctor and got antibiotics, I had a reaction to them and needed to go to hospital. They discovered there was a blockage in my bladder and it was affecting my kidneys. I was in hospital for 6 nights and on a drip, my kidneys were only functioning at 10% I needed to be on a catheter

After my hospital visit Craig was happy to help me with my ongoing health issues which meant I could still manage to move freely around the house. I am nominating Craig for an award as I truly believe he has proven to be my hero in more ways than one for sure.

A few months down the track and my kidneys are back to “normal” I am feeling a 100% better Part of my reason for writing this is to inform others in the hope that kidney (Bladder problems) don’t happen to others but if they do PLEASE go to see a doctor or a urologist, as I am sure like me you wouldn’t like to be connected to a catheter if you don’t have to be.

I was also honoured to go to Fiji in July with Craig and the kids and Craig and I got married so I am now Sarah Hansen, I love you Craig Hansen you will always be my Unsung Hero.

And Our Grand Prize Draw Winner….

Is, by chance, also our recipient of the special award for his work in the disabled community:

We are Barb and Walter Cole and our Unsung hero is our son Max Cole, Whangarei

He has cerebral palsy and works full time helping others with a range of disabilities. He helps young adults to become independent within the community in the Whangarei area. During a normal week he works about 50 hours. The pay is at the minimum level. On a typical day he starts at 7 am and gets home at 8pm. He seldom has sick days or use his holiday allowance.

He quietly goes about his work with little recognition and I think he is a hero I'm sure you will agree.


Barb Cole