We Support Joshua

The Cerebral Palsy Society wishes to add their support for Joshua Perry as he stands for election at the Dunedin City Council. We would like to support Joshua in any way and would recommend Lee Vanderuis does also.

If Dunedin City Council is intent on “Building a great small city” then I would assume inclusion to be a significant aspect of their strategy.

What better way of being inclusive is there than to include a young person with marketing skills such as Joshua Perry on your council?

Gilli Sinclair CEO

Here is Joshua’s political profile

My name is Joshua Perry, but my friends call me Josh. My ambition is to establish a community organisation committed to empowering and bettering every Dunedin resident no matter what circumstance. My experience within Dunedin has lead me to aspire to end the family and community conflicts within the Dunedin Region as well as implementing a system where small businesses can thrive and innovation can take off to revitalise run down areas of Dunedin. I also have the intention of increasing University students’ standard of living as housing conditions have not kept up with modern times. I also intend to work with existing industries to open up the water front to let our residents enjoy the full potential of what Dunedin has to offer. In saying that, I love Dunedin, I want to see it grow in to the world class city that it can be.