An Innovative Head Protection Beanie

Delloch has released its new product: a head protector as a beanie. The beanie’s purpose is to confer a dignity upon the wearer who might otherwise feel self-conscious being asked to wear a bike or rugby helmet in public. The beanie’s insides (protective inserts) are filled with pliable polyethylene closed-cell foam and are sewed into the bean; the foam is unseen beneath the beanie fabric and it will stand up to washing.

A girl attending a school in Timaru had a variation of the head protection beanie that Delloch made for her to wear so she could wear her beanie under her normal school sun hat. The beanie was to protect her against the effects of absence seizures. She can now play confidently with her classmates in all outside activities with a smile on her face. Her parents is quoted as saying, “As parents, we have watched our daughter’s confidence grow and have had less worry, knowing her head has extra protection.”

More information about the beanie (retailing at NZD $79.00) and Delloch can be found at:

By Elliot Yates