Aqua Juniors

Fit & Abel has recently set up a swim school called Aqua Juniors which is based in Cashmere, Christchurch. It caters mainly to babies & children with disabilities through to teenagers, though Fit & Abel states that Aqua Juniors can take children of all abilities as part of its lessons.

Lessons are available during the day, though you can book a lesson after school hours if required. There is only one lesson happening at a time and the pool is private and quiet, which can be a plus for those looking to reduce any kind of sensory problems that their children and teens often experience at bigger pools. Aqua Juniors also has private and group lessons. The maximum number for a group lesson is 3 to 4 children anytime.

The water has a warm temperature making it easy to swim in. The pool even has the ‘endless pool’ technology; this means the pump is used to control the speed of water you swim in (imitating the natural movement of the sea or beach) meaning you can swim in a small space as long as you like or it can be used for teaching water safety drills.

Aqua Juniors will endeavour to meet any accommodations that your child may require. They are happy to welcome any child that wants to learn, and they are passionate about teaching swimming.

They can be contacted at: